February 8, 2018

In too Deep:

W.C. 346

In too Deep:

I’m in too deep
In madness I write
I’m up late hours
On the darkest of nights
Thoughts are roaring
Throughout my brain
I have little hope
I’ll not go insane

I’m in too deep
No love have I found
There’s too many things
I'm working around
A short prom I’ll write
No long one to read
I hear you all say
Give us a break please

I’m in too deep
So give me some time
I’ll send you unconditional love
In a story type rhyme
Love conditional or unconditional
Man that is a hard one
I think it's a little of each
Or then maybe none

I’m in too deep
I say with a sigh
I’m sure you’ll believe me
No way would I lie
I’d love you if you’re
Red headed with green eyes
I’d love you if you’re
A lot taller than wide

Would I think it’s too deep
if lots of money you had
and no kids running around
calling me stepdad
I’ll love you if you think
My mother is sweet
This poem is half through
So hold on to your seat

What is too deep
if you have very few bills
can you make our love
A whirlwind type thrill?
I see the same conditional
Things every day
there's a few unconditional
I beat we could say

Would I stretch it too deep
To say sunsets, and trees
but I’m betting you'd say,
“God spare me please!”
Now think about this,
For its not hard to do
some people find love
A love that is true

That’s too deep
Most of you’d squeal
No way could people fall
in love head over heels
Yet it is those people,
With a love that’s on fire
a love that we want
And have always desired

I’m not too deep to say its better
Leaving birds in that trees, than,
let any of them go
Make a mess in your hand
Now if you’ve read this
I’m in pretty darn deep
And it's your comments
that I seem to seek

January 20, 2018


Shadows of pain
Ripping at our souls

Shadows hiding
afraid to be seen
Shadows darker than
a moonless night
Shadows only seen
in the mirror of life
Shadows owned 
by the wearer

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January 11, 2018


When faces smile
I see shadows
hiding in cracks
of darkness, deep
within their souls

Yet I know
I have seen
that face before
in my mirror
looking at me 

January 8, 2018

Ashes and dreams

Ashes and dreams are they not the same?
Are they not what once was or might have been?
Before we lived as if tomorrow were here
Bringing false hopes to a life of things never to be
Can we not look back and see old dreams crumbling?
Cursing the pain of reality that fired our souls
Doubtful we'll know the truth for we have yet to see it
Doing only what our dreams of ashes sought
Easy losing the hope we have held so close
Eluding our own reality, trying to make it come true
Finding no hope, power or dreams -- just ashes
Forged by the sins of unrighteous self pity
Guided along by some misbelief of needs
Gone are all things that made us who we were
Having nothing left, we turn back within
Hiding from all of those that would try to help
Intending to get a grasp on what we know
Instead, we tried for things unreachable
Just to fill the void left by dreams long gone.
Juggling the white ashes of our lost youth
Keeping none away from the winds of time
Kidding no one of this ongoing internal battle
Lodged deep in our blackened, burned-out soul
Laying blame upon all we find within reach
Making their lives feel the sting of our pain
Mulling them over and over in disbelief
Never trying to break this chain of false dreams
Nor stop the fire that burned our dreams to ashes
Only trying to hold things we know will never be
Or give up and slide deeper into that darkness
Perhaps someday we’ll live without our dreams
Probably we’ll just die never knowing or understanding
Questioning ourselves if we have taken the right path
Quietly treading on blindly to places not yet known
Rarely understanding what we’re even looking for
Running away from that long sought after truth
Surely we are not so lost within our own self pity
Such inner voices will never reach our ears
Telling us to pull out of this abyss we have entered
Taking us deeper, deeper into our mindless realm
Using old dreams of used ashes to control us
Until we’re totally lost in this world of fantasy
Void of thought and sound, we walk deeper
Violating everything we hold to our hearts dear
Wondering not only how this happened but
Why we did not see it coming and step aside
X-ing ourselves off the list of a life of happiness
X-raying each cell thinking it’s a cancer within us 
Yes, we go on and on asking why we are like this
Yet until the end is near, we will not know as we
Zealously search for what is never found until the
Zero hour, then and only then, are we handed
An ending to this life of madness
Ashes and dreams are they not the same?

January 1, 2018

Dear Muse:

Without my shovel
I could not dig
Still I longed for the ditch
To feel it around me
To be one with it
But without my shovel
It's nothing but a hole

Without my pen
I could not write
Without my mind
I could not dream
Without my dreams
I could not feel what
I write upon this page

Please hear these words
I've uttered from deep 
Within my very soul
For you’ve brought me 
From the beginning 
To this ending, yes
You're my shovel


Not all see their own soul within
Nor knows how to question why
They live in the darkness of their minds
Held there by the multitude
The blind Self-righteous conformist
Bent on keeping the untruths alive
We’re afraid to venture off the path that
Was built by self-centered hypocrite
Binding us to our fear of non-conforming
Blinding us from the truth within
Until we become the conforming
Hypocrites and bearers of the untruths

October 26, 2017

? Love:

Love, who understands
Named by millions
Misused by more
No two the same
Yet we seek it
Long for it
Even kill
In hopes to find it
If by chance we do
We’ll toss it aside
Lost in some concept

Never finding the truth


W.C. 1000

Six Thirty:

          Bill William tossed and turned that morning trying to sleep. After working all night, he wasn’t used to sleeping with the sun shining through the window. Today was his wife’s birthday.

          The company he just started working for had come up with new work shifts no one liked. He was stuck on the Six PM to Three AM shift. The company said the employees got to vote shortly, on which, of the many shifts they’ve tried over the last two years. Bill just got off the swing shift. This was his first week on the new graveyard. Well, what they used to call graveyard.

          Bill could not complain too much. All he did as a night watchman was sit in one of the newest vaults ever built. The vault was ten floors underground. That place had more alarms, bells and whistles than any other place he had worked.

          Bill looked at his alarm clock. “Great,” he told himself. “I haven’t even been asleep for three hours and I’m wide awake. I might as well get up and putter around the house till I get tired.”

          After getting dressed, Bill walked down stairs and found his wife sleeping in her recliner.  When he kissed her forehead, she woke up and asked, “What time is it?”

          Looking at his watch, Bill smiled down and said, “Six thirty, love. Sorry. I couldn’t sleep. Happy Birthday”

          “Well, go for coffee then. I didn’t sleep well last night with you gone. You know how much noise you can make and I want to sleep,” she muttered. "Thanks."

          “Okay, honey,” he said.  “I’ll be down at the coffee shop if you need me.” He closed the door and left.

          As Bill walked into the corner cafe, he looked around for the people he normally talked to at this time of day. He smiled at the server and asked, “Hey, Shirley, where is everyone?”

          “They all left. You’re running late today. Why?” she asked over her shoulder as she took some plates of food to two ladies.

          “I’m not late. It’s only,” he paused as he looked at his watch with a questioning look on his face. “It’s still Six thirty PM? Hell! My watch stopped. What time is it?

          One of the men sitting at the counter looked at his watch. “Eleven fifty six,” he told Bill.

          “Thanks. I guess I sleep a lot longer than I thought. I better stop by Wal-Mart and pick up a watch battery today,” Bill said as he sat down.

          “So,” Shirley said. “What’ll it be? Tea or coffee?”

          “Go ahead and make it coffee. I have to go find something to put over my windows to keep the sun out so I can sleep,” Bill told her.

          Shirley leaned over as she handed him a cup of coffee. “You know what my old man did when he worked the night shift down in Texas two years ago?”

          “No. What did he do?” Bill laughed.

          Shirley gave Bill one of those “Do you want to hear this or not?” looks that she gave out often and then went on talking,” “He got some of that aluminum-backed foam from the lumberyard and a roll of duck tape. Cut chunks to fit the windows. Duck taped around them and then used long tack pines to put them over the windows. It made our bedroom darker then a coal mine shaft.”

          “Thanks. I’ll look into that after I get this watch running. You know how I hate not knowing what time it is,” Bill said as he sipped his coffee.

          Bill looked down at his watch again. It wasn’t like him to let the battery go dead. “Hey, Shirley, get a load of this. My watch stopped at Six thirty PM on the 16th of March,” Bill said with a smile.

          Shirley looked at him with a “So what?” look.

          Bill laughed. “This is the 16th of March. Don’t you see? It stopped tonight.”

          “You probably had it set wrong,” Shirley said.

          “Probably not. You know how much I depend on this watch. I would have seen it last night at work. Oh well, I’ll get a battery and keep an eye on it. I can’t have a watch changing dates on me. Might be time for me to get a new watch anyway.”

          Bill tossed Shirley two fifty for the coffee and tip, then headed straight for Wal-Mart.


          As Bill handed his watch to the lady behind the glass case, she took a look at it and said, “Another watch battery. I sold more batteries today then I have in a long time.”

          Bill grinned at her and said, “Well, that’s because of the time loop.” He was just joking, but then Bill loved to play word games with people.

          “Time loop?” She said questioning.

          “Sure. Look at the date on my watch. It stopped at Six thirty PM on the 16th of March. That’s tonight.”

          She just smiled back at him and rolled her eyes.

          “No. Really,” Bill, still joking, continued, “Something the Government does today will threw us into a time loop.”

          “Sure.” She smiled.  “I suppose you have proof. That will be $3.97.”


          Bill was thinking about his wife not liking what he got her for her birthday. He looked up at the clock on the wall over his desk. Six twenty eight PM. He felt a low rumble


          Bill William tossed and turned that morning trying to sleep. After working all night, he wasn’t used to sleeping with the sun shining through the window. Today was his wife’s birthday.


          Bill William tossed and turned that morning trying to sleep. After working all night, he wasn’t used to sleeping with the sun shining through the window. Today was his wife’s birthday.


          Bill William tossed and turned that morning trying to sleep. After working all night, he wasn’t used to sleeping with the sun shining through the window. Today was his wife’s birthday.

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August 15, 2017

My Words:

Words are all I have
To put upon this page
And tell you how I fell

To let you see
My heart and soul
And what to me is real

But you’ll never know
What’s inside of me
Are view it through my sight

So just tag along
On this ride of mine
To see what you might

You could know joy,
Sorrow or pain then say
He’s written this just right

August 10, 2017


Of all the story’s
I try to tell
About my heaven’s
About my hell’s

In your eyes
I can clearly see
Not a single world
Is there for me

Your youth it glows
And lingers on
For mine is dead
And long gone

Reality is twisted
And keeps me blind
My eyes closed
For all time

So read not
The words I write
By this old fool
This very night

I’m quite sure
You’ll understand
You’ve read the words
From a insane man