August 8, 2016

Hay Doc:

What would you hear, Doc
If words came from me
If the end of this rope
Wasn’t tied to this tree

You say you trained
In the ways of the insane
You can tell us what’s
Going through our brains

We fought in your wars
For our country we’d die
Why treat us like children?
Why to us, do you lie

You tell us if we listen
We’ll be lead to the light
Taken from this darkness
To regain our clear sight

If we do what you tell us
A new person we’ll be
There’s no way we’d hang
Ourselves from this tree

Really you don’t know
You’re just playing around
The things you tell us
Won’t cut one of us down

So lie to yourself Doc about
All the blood on your hands
Then go report to your boss
You’ve done all you can

August 2, 2016

Judge and Thy-shall be:

They run us out from within and
Profess to have a Christian sight
All the other groups are wrong
And only they do things right

They tell us to go away and
Take the demons we hide within
We tried to tell them their wrong
But it's a fight we couldn’t win

When we stand before those Gates
And God cast them from his view
They’ll scream from below
“Everything we did, we did for you”

On bended knee they’ll beg
Their cries will never stop
As he turns his back on them
They’ll hear “I said Judge Not”

July 30, 2016

Who Are You:

As a man no purse I’ll carry
No lipstick I’ll don
You’ll never have to guess
What side I sleep on

Yet with billfolds, men’s watches
And blue jeans that zip right
Will you be one of the guys
Or someday be a good wife

You walk around with your hair
Cut shorter than mine
And beat me at arm wrestling
Most of the time

If I just ask you right out
I’m a sexist to you
But if we marry will I get
A wife, or maybe two

July 27, 2016

Spinning, Spinning:

This world goes on spinning, spinning
Friends are made and together cling
Then one day they’ll drift apart
It’s not bad, that life keeps moving
For few souls will forever bond
Tho memories linger in our minds
We knew someday it’d come
Still we hoped this wouldn’t happen
But we must face what has to be
For this pain won’t linger long
This world goes on spinning, spinning
All we can do is hope to hold on

July 26, 2016

Preach On:

You think you’ll walk
On streets of gold
And in the fiery pit
I will walk below

No more will you
Feel the pain
But the truth is in hell
Your blood will rain

Those Demons teeth at
At your flesh will rip
And only screams will
Come from your lips

Fingers you pointed at us
The demons will devour
And you’ll burn forever
In that raging fire

Preach on that soapbox
With all your might
But your soul is still
As black as night

Tell me not how
To save my soul
For you lost yours
A long time ago

Go tell everyone
About you I have lied
Yet you know on
Your back a demon rides

Last Prayer

Death holds me in its grip
And will never let me go
Tho I walk with this death
It seems I've not walked slow
I ask you, is this the true
And why, must it be so
All that I have to give
Few will ever know
Give me the time I need
So people I can show
The words I wrote to them
Will not, burn with me below

July 24, 2016


Flame or fame
Which will you seek
Hell on this earth
Or after you sleep
Your soul screams
For great power
Then it’ll scream
In that pit of fire
Fame or flame
Chose tonight
Then tell yourself
You’ve chosen right
Go walk this Earth
And feel no woes
Someday you will hear
For whom that bell tolls
To your death bed
You should cling
No matter your choice
Your soul, will scream

I Have No Wisdom

I have no wisdom to write
Upon this page for you
No light to shine within so
You can see my inner soul

Yet you think what you read
Gives you insight about me
So you can tell me how
I should live my meager life

Why do you try and tell me
How to march to my drum
Throw no rocks for your windows
Have long been broken

Ask me not to shine
My light into your soul
For this light of mine
Burned out long ago

They'll Know

Here I sit pen in hand
To write what’s in my head
On this page the words I’ve put
Are written in blood now brown

What I write you will read
You’ll tell me, we think alike
But you’ll say, what I wrote
Are dreams of things unreal

You say my words spoke to you
And someday you’d like to write
Truly you, know not what torture is
For if I could, I’d stop this night

Can’t you hear those demons scream
“Write what you want about us there
Those mortals will never believe
What waits for them down below

Yet after death they’ll understand
What you wrote was subline
As they burn to ashes they’ll know
What is running through your mind”

July 20, 2016

Is All Lost:

As I write upon this page
What is running through my head
I wonder will anyone understand
Will these words be lost or read

Like the sand on an oceans shore
That just washes out with the tied
Are my words here like that sand
Will man and God watch them die

Maybe someday, some poor soul
Will trip upon those grains of sand
If they read them with their heart
They will cry for their fellow man

What was long ago, is true today
To keep my soul from the pit I dread
I try to write and hope you’ll read
what is running through my head